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[Glee] Harmony, Harmony [Mike/Tina]

Title: Harmony, Harmony
Author: svz_insanity
Pairing: Mike/Tina
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Up through "Special Education.
Word Count: 200
Summary/Notes: Written for anon on tumblr who requested "Mike/Tina angry birds".

“Seriously? Angry Birds - again?” Mike asks, incredulous, when he catches up with her after practice.

Her cell phone had been hidden behind the sheet music during glee, but Rachel had been sitting in the row behind her. Rachel kept shooting her death glares for the duration of practice, making loud disapproving noises.

Whatever, it’s not like it’s that hard for Tina to do-wop and harmonize in the background - at this point, she could do it in her sleep.

“I’m stuck on a level,” Tina explains, making a 'don't you dare judge me' face when Mike snorts, clearly amused. “Oh, shut up, hypocrite. Three words for you: Robot Unicorn Attack.”

“That game is ridiculously addictive,” Mike protests, putting his hands up. "Not the same thing at all."

Always, I wanna be with you and make believe with you, and live in harmony, harmony -” Tina gets interrupted mid-verse while singing, laughing, when Mike takes that as an opportunity to swoop in and kiss her - slowly, softly, and effectively destroying her chance of getting past the current level of her game.

Tina finds that she doesn’t mind too much, even when she almost drops her phone.

Tags: drabble, glee, mike/tina
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